Clematis Street in Downtown

Clematis Street in Downtown West Palm Beach is a popular location for tourists and visitors to stop by during their stay at West Palm Beach.
This is because the street is a popular location for fine dining, specialty stores, historical and cultural attractions, and many more.
For these reasons, many prospective renters seek residence in spots that are near the historical street. Here are some benefits of living near here:

Historical Attractions

Clematis Street houses 12 historic buildings along its 500 block which confirms the city's rich history. These buildings include; The Harvey Building (1925), The Clematis Street Store ( 1926), The Olympia Theater (1925), and The old West Palm Beach Post Office (1916).
These buildings have stood since as far back as the 20th century as their unique architectural design shows. They have also been refined to house different stores, restaurants, and cultural attractions.

Arts and Entertainment

Clematis Street is the place to be for lovers of entertainment. It boasts lively nightlife scenes along with regular concerts, events, and festivals. For the cultural fanatics, Clematis Street is home to Meyer Amphitheatre, the Kravis Center for the Performing Arts as well as local art galleries.

Ease of Transportation

Clematis Street provides access to several public transport such as the West Palm Beach Brightline station that connects many parts of Southern Florida. There is also a free trolley service that links several parts of Downtown.

Sense of Community

Locals or visitors, the difference is not so clear when it comes to the community here. The activities that go on in the area help to build a bond between everyone at Clematis Street.
Renting a home near Clematis Street gives the renter access to scenic beach views, a lively community, regular events, cultural attractions, and many more!